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My thoughts on Karin Uzumaki
While I am not a huge fan of the way Karin’s back story was portrayed in this episode (it was pretty brutal, not to mention uncomfortable to see), I do kind of appreciate getting to know more about her.
I understand this is filler so it’s not technically canon. But I don’t think it’s too far removed from the truth of her past.
It’s always been heavily hinted at that she was abused both physically and sexually. So I do believe this is based someone in the context of their reality.
I appreciate it because now I have so much more understanding of her as a character and it makes me like her even more to know the trials she went through. It also explains a lot of her behavior. It all kind of ties together.
Also, young Karin looks insanely like Sarada which only fuels my Karin x Sarada mother/daughter headcanons even more. A words of a SasuKarin
You can’t know more about a character from just a filler.
For example, certain individuals kept taking fi
:iconblackotakuz:BlackOtakuZ 3 2
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Close Your Eyes, Young One...
Woooooop this took forever haha. It's Alia and Tori, with Alia covering her Miss' eyes because she doesn't want her to see the cruelties of this world and Tori tries to hide Alia's eyes as well, but Alia knows well with her age how bad this world is.

Waaahhhh I'm sorry for not being very active and not replying to messages! School this year is really killing me so I hardly have time to say anything to anyone online I'm sorry I love you all I swear. ; A ;
Aliamon Exalt Mode: Dragonice Mode
Level Two Mode of Aliamon Exalt Mode~

Summons ice dragons with the gem in her hand and skewers enemies with the giant 8 foot broadsword.
Finally! For those who don't know about it, I have major kidney problems where my kidneys don't filter properly and end up mass producing kidney stones instead. But they'll be at bay for now! Two days ago I had passed one of the kidney stones and today I passed another. Though it was quite a shock to see two had passed and that concerns me a lot, but for now I can finally relax and focus on healing. Hopefully the damage wasn't too extensive and it will heal properly and with little scar tissue.

Thank you to everyone who would always support me and care about me! I greatly appreciate it. <3


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Hiya~! I'm Tori-chan~! I'm a really bouncy and giggly girl and smile a lot too~ I'd love to get to know people buuuut like a loser, I suck at socializing. ^.^" I do often call myself a loser too haha, although, a lot of people would argue against it ehehehe. They care and so they tell me not to say negative things about myself~<3 Although I do a lot still ahahaha.

I do do requests although LOL I suck at drawing ahhaha. A lot of my drawings are Digimon related or personal things cause I'm a n00b and personal "snapshots" of my life tend to turn out very well when I draw them. FORGIVE ME SENPAI'S IF YOU FIND IT IRRITATING OR DON'T LIKE IT! *dies*

My favorite anime's are Corpse Party, Higurashi, RWBY, and Digimon.

**Also, my avatar was a gift to me done by a friend. Visit his page: Krystofire **


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